Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rhymes with "At"

Just when I thought September was going to be the most normal month in the history of the 22 commute, today happened.... It began with a baby yelling "BA BAAA! BA BAAA! BA BAAA! BA BAAAAAAAA!! MAMA BA BAAAAAA!!!!..." Okaayyy, just give her the baba already. Once the child is plugged, a little peace, until three older teenage boys walk on the bus quietly chanting something. They proceed to the back and sit their sagging pants in a row. Quick pause then one starts rapping loudly, and the other two join in every other line before merging into every lyric together. I saw one lady roll her eyes and I heard an annoyed, "psshh" from the seat behind me. As for me, I did nothing but enjoy the music of the 22 that went something like this:

You know I wanna smack that; tap that
Going to attack
Don't F with da Brat
You know where I'm at

Only in my head, some homeless guy shouts "Yer on the bus; SHUT UP!" The homies exit at the next stop...just as the token drunk guy stumbles on. He sits down right in front of me. I get a gusting whiff of gin, just as he leans his head forward and stretches one hand back over his seat for stability. He is swaying somewhat and it looks as if he is dizzy. I am now torn as to whether I want the bus driver to go faster and get me off the bus quicker, or slow down so this guy doesn't ralph right in front of me. Not surprisingly, he gets off after two stops, and I'm saved. Speed up bus driver!


Hillary said...

If you ever get barfed on, I'll bake you a cake to make you feel better.

Anonymous said...

When the Old bum looks like he's going to puke!
Just push the button and drop the nuke!
When some punk kid raps on the bus in place!
Just pull out the brass knuckles I got you for Christmas and...Punch him in the face!
-Peace I'm out!