Friday, September 12, 2008

Someone Who Does NOT Ride My Bus...

This post is not at all related to my bus blog, however, I just can't help taking this chunk of space to brag about my 16-year-old nephew Dan Jr. He is currently in Veracruz, Mexico pitching for the 16U National Team. Today, they play their first game against Panama. I don't even want to think how my brother, Dan Sr., is handling it. "Take a pink pill Dan, and relax." Thank goodness my dad, Grandpa, is there to help. I'm also told Dan Jr. just accepted a verbal offer for a full ride scholarship to OSU. He chose that over UCLA, Stanford, Cal State and a couple other offers, apparently. He's been scouted by colleges since he was 14, and now the pros have their eye on this kid who is 6'5" and pitches 95 mph. GO DAN! Patrons of the 22 are rooting for you!!



Emily said...

That's sweet!!! Since it's in your genes hopefully your kids will get full rides and play pro sports too. Keep us updated on how Dan Jr. does!

Anonymous said...

Are kid will be a pro golfer. Longer carrier and more money!!!!
Plus, better perks for the parents