Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bitter & Sweet

A frequent rider boards the bus again today. He walks on, sits down, pulls the cord and gets off at the very next stop, which is one block away, downhill. He does this every time. This guy is very capable of walking the 50 or so steps it would take to get to his next stop. It's not like he walked far to get to the bus stop, because I know for a fact he lives right behind it. I see him sitting on his apartment balcony, shirtless and smoking his cigarette almost every day. He is probably 100 pounds overweight, greasy hair and his belly hangs far lower than the hem of his shirt. As soon as he sits down an unpleasant odor fans in my direction, so now I'm happy he's getting off at the next stop. His stomach and his arms are covered in scabs, some larger than silver dollars. So now I'm really happy he's getting off at the next stop, and I've decided I'm no longer hungry for dinner. It could be a skin disorder, yes, and if that's the case, I feel bad, but not so bad considering he could've chosen a longer shirt. By the looks of him, lack of proper hygiene is a contributing factor.

On a lighter note, a teeny chihuaha got on the bus today for the second day in a row. The doggie owner walks on with carrier in one hand and chihuaha in the other, he sits down and dog licks his hand. He is too cute! And he looks so fragile. I think: My cat would eat this poor puppy for lunch! (I snapped a phone pic of it pretending to text, of course.)

Kitty with a chihuaha tummy ache.


Hillary said...

That odor has an official name on the Metro busses. It's called, "Sour Skunk Smell." At least that's what I called it when I worked downtown ..

Anonymous said...

We need to get a dog....look at that fat ass!