Friday, September 26, 2008

Times a Changing?

The bus has been eerily normal this month, hence the lack of posts. A lot of the regulars I used to see on the bus, I haven't seen for awhile. The elderly white woman who speaks in old-fashioned Korean radio, the drunken slurrer who has passed out at every other bus stop on my route, the younger gal who bobs her head as she argues with no one...nowhere to be found. What happened? Is it the under construction QFC and Whole Foods that'r changing the face of the neighborhood? The newly renovated KFC and Taco Time? (That KFC really does look sharp now.) Does it have to do with dealership row closing down? Last week I saw something I've never seen on my bus -- a yoga mat. A very healthy-looking woman got off the bus clearly ready and on her way to yoga class. She's a very different breed of commuter than I'm used to, and she was odorless too. I dunno...don't want to make any predictions but one day I may be writing about the snobbery of the 22 over its sour stench.


Anonymous said...

I hope it's getting cleaner if you want to live there. I'm not raising a Biff around that.

Emily said...

Maybe they've all migrated south for the winter? I always wonder why a street person would choose to hang out in Seattle ... then I remember - it's because they're certified crazy!