Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I got in trouble on the 22.

Normally I board the bus, find the safest-looking seat near the least scary people and I sit and zone out to the peaceful murmur of some insane person. Today I walk on the bus mid-cell phone conversation with my friend Kat and find a relatively empty section of the bus where I can talk quietly, and I do just that. During that conversation my dad phones in so I call him back immediately following and talk for a moment. Then I make one more call to my friend Jolie about an event upcoming. Well a few minutes into my third phone call, my reception dies and I lose the call. As SOON as I hang up, the bus driver gets on the loud speaker to announce (in dull, monotone voice): "Just a reminder, if you have a personal cell device please use it in a manner that is not offensive to other people on the bus." Okaaaay? Obviously intended for me since I appear to be the only one talking on my cell phone at the moment. First off, who says "personal cell device"? Really? And second, what in the world could I have said that would be more offensive than a trio of rappers on the bus or the guy who gives clear, in-depth detail about fondling his date in the hot tub, or the kid singing the new $5 Subway Sandwich jingle over and over (you know, "Five...five dollar...five dollar footloooooong!"). Or how about the silent offenders who reek like stanky armpit!? This kind of stuff frequents the bus and somehow I get an indirect lecture for having a clean, expletive-free personal cell device conversation? It doesn't seem right, esp since all that talking I was doing was in fact to someone versus some people on my bus who talk at no one.


Emily said...

There's something in the air today. I got on the bus this morning (an earlier one than I normally ride) and the driver looks at Murray and says, "Is that a service dog?". I wanted to say, "is he wearing a vest and do I look like I need a service dog!?" but I just said "no, he's not". The driver answered, "well then he can't ride the bus". Hello! Murray has been riding the bus for almost 5 months now and I made sure it was ok before I ever brought him!

jenny said...

ok missy- i've been secretly reading your blog and it's hilarious! i'm so thankful that i don't ride public transportation regularly anymore :)

Anonymous said...

Don't be upset that I give you the same lecture at home when your walking around in circles on your toes yappping it up to your brothers about how bad the 49ers suck....blah...blah...blah....Hey, some of us are trying to play Xbox here!!!!