Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Method in Fighting

Remember my post about getting in trouble? Yeah. Well, I walk on the bus today to two young teenage boys kicking each other across the aisle. One is so aggressive, I have to pause in the aisle while he stands up, reaches over to his "friend" and socks him in the shoulder. When he sits back down, then I proceed to a seat. They continue going at it. The boys are kicking each other and laughing and then one goes "Stop. I mean it, STOP!" The Ritalin-deprived kid does not appear to hear his friend's pleas and he keeps going, swapping kicks and punches. By the way, they are sitting three feet away from the same bus driver who was apparently annoyed by my measly (not to mention civil) phone conversations. Next thing I know, hyper boy takes his hand and drags it over his tongue to gather spit and he snaps his spit-laden hand at his friend! WHAT the--?? Then his friend does the same thing!!! (I'm sure I either look dumbfounded or horrified, I can't remember.) I can't even begin to explain how disgusting I find this new fighting technique. Bus driver finally turns around and says so softly that I can barely make it out: "You boys stop that." Aaaand...they don't. They smile and the fight continues, even when an elderly lady tries to get off the bus. She has to pause like I did and wait for the crazy kid to get his body out of the aisle and back in the seat. At this point, I think better they keep going. I hope they kick the spit out of each other!

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Hillary said...

You've written about a lot of gross things, but I find this "spit-slapping" fighting technique, by far, the most disgusting.