Friday, October 10, 2008

"if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire..."

Anyone remember this guy from the movie "Office Space"? Yeah? Well, he walked on my bus today -- the spitting image of Milton. Possibly his long lost twin. It was a crazy close resemblance! He had the 'stache and the thick bi-focals with bug eyes, and the same tousled hairstyle. Only he was dressed in casual wear; no tie. His movement, however, was spot on. He was slightly hunched over from carrying a heavy backpack but his arms were mildly pumping at his side as walked determinedly to his seat. He seemed very focused, like the kind of guy who would be irritated if someone asked him to move seats, or if someone touched his backpack, or took his stapler.... Reminded me I need to rent this modern-day classic just for the heckuvit.


Emily said...

Maybe we can get Nicole to drive us around long enough so that we can actually watch the entire movie in the back of their car!

Micah J. Child said...

I have the collector's edition in my DVD library. It comes with a company coffee mug, The TCP report cover sheets, mouse pad, and a mini red swing line stapler. My previous boss is a big office space fan and got a kick out of it, when I showed it to him.