Thursday, August 7, 2008

Standoff: Bus v. Man

Oh dear. A patron of the 22 bus found himself lost on the main road today--and he was pissed! I was NOT on the bus, but rather walking to lunch with two co-workers when we saw a man walking down the middle of a busy street, toward an intersection. (We chose the safer route and stayed on the sidewalk.) He was in a huff walking toward one of the express busses, not the 22. Maybe he was kicked off the 22, hence the reason for his aggression--who knows. We couldn't help but slow down and watch this man as he walked toward the bus with angry fingers pointing at the driver. He actually forced the bus to come to a stop but the driver was not about to open his doors for this guy. Crazy man was yelling and pointing and then he started making fists and air-punching the front window. At this point we can see the driver, unaffected, pull out a phone and make the phone call. I swear I could see the driver rolling his eyes, even from a distance: Another day, another dope head. Silly crazy man then walks to the side of the bus to apparently try to punch the door open, but the much wiser bus driver simply pulled away and left him behind. And we quickly went on our way while Jenna scolded me for not snapping a phone pic to post here. Shoot!

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Hillary said...

I had a really hard time with your poll. Bus germs really freak me out and I have a compulsion to wash my hands at the nearest sink when I exit any type of public transit, but nauseation due to unidentifiable odors (well, we all know they're usually fueled by poop or b.o.) intensified by heat wins by a tiny margin.