Monday, August 4, 2008

Litter and Laughter

I think someone dumped their cat's litter box inside my bus stop waiting area. Litter granules are strewn about and pieces of dried up poop are mixed in. I've seen the bus stop littered with cigarettes, loogie stains, McDonald's wrappers, 40 ounce beer cans, mystery styrofoam take-out boxes, and disgusting liquid substances I try not to wonder about--today, cat litter makes a showing. On the bus, I sit near a young man who appears tired and I think nothing of it. I notice he's dosing in and out of sleep for a few minutes. Then he suddenly snaps to attention and starts laughing hysterically! At what, I don't know (surprise, surprise). A minute later, he stands up like he's going to exit the bus, be he doesn't. He stands for several stops staring straight ahead, gripping the horizontal bar in front of him, periodically laughing in a milder fashion than before. I give him the benefit of the doubt: Maybe he's an intense sleep walker dreaming he's on an amusement park ride. Lucky guy. All I got was a ticket to this zoo.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he's the guy who dropped the kitty litter. I know that I go a little mad from having to be the one who scoops the litter all the time, even thought the cat hates me.