Thursday, August 21, 2008

At the bus stop. In the rain. In August.

Yesterday it poured. It rained so hard my cotton summer jacket was soaked through in two minutes! My evil co-workers in the building next door, Dee Dee and Donna, actually buzzed me at my desk about the time I leave just to say, "We're waiting to watch you leave." I responded, "Have you seen what it looks like outside??" "Uh huh--that's why we're waiting to watch you leave!" So I walk out and Donna is standing under the protection of their covered porch, armed with her camera to take video, and the rest can be viewed in the YouTube clip below. (The second half at the bus stop was something I recorded on my phone to text them back in their dry, cozy office.)

Wooooo!! I'm a YouTube star, finally! I'd like to thank the academy...and Dee Dee's son Ryan, who produced this clip and posted it for me. No autographs please.