Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Every day my co-worker, Jenna, and I walk down to the nearest grocery store, just a few blocks from work along the route of the 22. Occasionally, we run into bus 22 patrons off the bus, like the guy who stopped a bus in the middle of the street to air punch the front windshield. A few weeks ago, we walked past a guy lying on a sidewalk bench. As we approached, he started barking and growling at us. I wasn't phased but Jenna now refuses to walk alone to the store if I'm not there to walk with her. Today is election day, and as we walk to the store, we notice someone coming toward us on a bike with a huge American flag attached to the back. As he/she gets closer (I can't tell the gender) it becomes clear the person is wearing retro pilot goggles with helmet, a feathered boa around the neck and hot pink sweatpants with a Barack Obama sign and pennants trailing in the wind. Wow. All I can say is anyone who thinks it is not okay to wear any of that in public (regardless of party affiliation), please vote today.

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Jeremy said...

Damn! Didin't realize that Ammon made it up there occasionally.