Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Short Story

I began riding the 22 bus just over a year ago. My trip is about 20-25 minutes, once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Not too long, right? WRONG. 20-25 minutes is just enough time to get a glimpse into the dark world of downtown commuters. It's just enough time to sit next to people with urine and poop stains; to avoid eye contact with people who talk jibberish to no one; to stare at old men looking comatose, hoping they will wake up eventually; to witness my bus driver threaten more fortunate car commuters; to cower from vampires (seriously, lots of vampires on the 22); to hear very loud phone conversations like this one: No I did NOT steal a line dude! Why would I even care about .0004 grams of cocaine anyway!? 20-25 minutes is just enough time to jot down a few good stories that I will share here in this blog. Unfortunately for me and the rest of the minority who choose to shower daily, 20-25 minutes is just too much time to hold our breath.

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