Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Season's Greetings from the 22

It's dark when I board the bus now, which is not the reason our over-active snorer is sleeping. Tho I've seen him fidget to no end, I've never actually seen him awake, even when it's light out. Last time he was on the bus, he was snoring front and center for all to witness. I saw the little, old lady sitting behind him tap the stranger next to her and ask, "When you exit will you tell the driver this man is asleep and he might miss his stop?" Nice that some people care...or perhaps she just wanted him off the bus sooner. Today I only notice he's on the bus after an exceptionally loud snort comes from my rear periphery. I turn just in time to see him recover with half-awake eyes (he must've startled himself), and doze right back into a slumber. Moments later a young guy walks on the bus, and after a bit turns to me and asks, "Is this the 21 or 54?" How do you miss that, I wonder? To top off this evening's commute, I hear a nice exchange between two people in the back; one who shares her favorite thing about the holiday season: "I love egg nog. I could drink egg nog every day of my life. Man, I could really use some weed right now." Just warm and fuzzy, like a Hallmark moment.

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Emily said...

I guess the pothead couldn't think clearly enough to be festive.